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12 Workwear Brands with Resale Programs

12 Workwear Brands with Resale Programs


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If you’re looking to save money on workwear or make your shopping a bit more eco-friendly — or both — you’ll want to take a look at workwear brands with resale programs. Depending on the company, these services are either run by the brands themselves or through partnerships with services like Treet, Archive, and thredUP. (We actually had to do a little detective work to put this roundup together, as the programs aren’t always linked from stores’ websites!)

When you sell items through a resale program, you’ll receive store credit, though occasionally brands let you choose cash instead (minus fees, which vary). The listing process typically isn’t that different from using a general resale platform like Poshmark. You’ll usually have to write your own item description and upload photos, but often the company will give you guidance on pricing, which you can take or leave.

On the other end of things, when you buy used items through resale, be aware that sales are typically final, unless an item has been misrepresented by a seller.

Readers, what are your favorite resale programs from retailers? Do you prefer to only buy workwear new?

Check out these 12 clothing brands with resale programs for clothes, bags, and shoes.

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Workwear Brands with Resale Programs

Madewell: Madewell Forever runs through thredUP, but the program is hosted on Madewell’s own website. You can shop for used items, and to sell, you send (using a prepaid label) women’s clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories — from any brand. You’ll receive store credit for 100% of the resale value, and if the clothing isn’t in good enough shape to sell, thredUP will recycle it. Each pair of jeans you send gets you $20 off a pair of Madewell jeans. (Note that “value brands” like Old Navy aren’t accepted for resale.)

M.M.LaFleur: Through M.M.LaFleur Second Act, you can buy and sell used clothing. It’s easier to list an item here than on it is on many sites because the company automatically incorporates item photos, details, and care instructions; you just need to answer a few questions about the piece. Send the clothing with the provided prepaid label, and when it sells, you’ll either receive cash or get 40% more as store credit. MMLF’s site says that on average, items sell for about 50% of the original price. (Unlike most stores, MMLF gives concrete examples for original prices vs. payouts — scroll to the bottom of the Sell page to see their chart.

J.Crew: J.Crew Always just launched in January 2023 as a partnership with thredUP for buying and selling pre-owned items. To get started, you either print a prepaid shipping label from thredUP or pick up a thredUP “cleanout kit” at a J.Crew store. Send in your clothes — from any brand — and you’ll get store credit (3%–80% of the selling price) for any clothes that the company accepts that sell within 30 days. Clothes that don’t meet resale standards (apparently, it’s typically 50% of what people send) are reused or recycled.

And OK, this is interesting: At the company’s Fifth Avenue and Bowery stores in NYC, you can browse a selection of “timeless styles from the ’80s and ’90s” (here’s an instagram peek). (My fellow Gen-Xers and elder millennials, let’s all feel ancient together — these items are labeled “vintage.”)

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Dagne Dover: Dagne Dover’s Almost Vintage program lets you buy and sell used pieces. To sell, you accept the company’s recommended price or choose your own, and once the buyer accepts your item (DD provides a prepaid shipping label), you’ll either get 70% of the price as cash (a rare option!) or store credit for 100% of it.

Cuyana: With Cuyana: Revive, you can buy and sell used items — only bags and small leather goods for now, but expansion of the program is in the works. The program works the same as DD’s in that you’ll either get 70% of the selling price as cash (a rare option!) or store credit for 100% of it. Another option is to donate (any DD Item); items will be provided to women survivors of domestic violence in Los Angeles.

Eileen Fisher: Eileen Fisher Renew allows you to return clothes (in any condition) to a store or by mail to receive “Renew Rewards” — $5 per item on a physical gift card. Clothing that meets the company’s standards is resold online or at select stores; pieces that don’t are “transformed into one-of-a-kind works of art using our custom felting technique” or simply recycled.

Michael Kors: With Michael Kors Pre-Loved, you can sell your used pieces directly to other fans of the brand. You just pick the item from your order history, write a description and add photos, and pick a price (lots of details here). Once it sells, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label — and soon, your gift card for 80% off the selling price.

Amour Vert: The ReAmour program features buying and selling options. To sell clothing, describe and price your items (including pieces you didn’t buy directly from and upload photos, then send the clothing with a prepaid shipping label. You can choose either store credit (100% off the sale price of your item) or money via Paypal (80%). Note that the company points out “Some items from our current and core collections may not be approved to be sold at this time.”

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Kirrin Finch: Kirrin Finch Pre-Loved lets you buy and sell used items as well as snag purchase samples and factory seconds at reduced prices. (Note that at this point, the company has fewer items available to buy than the other stores on our list.) To create a listing, choose an item from your order history, answer some questions, and add photos. You can even sell clothes with alterations. Send it with a prepaid label once it sells, and you’ll get 110% (!) store credit or 80% of the selling price via Stripe.

Sandro: With Sandro Secondhand, you can buy and sell pre-owned Sandro clothing. To list an item, you’ll find it via site search, then specify the condition, add photos, and set your price, either the brand’s recommendation or one of your choosing. Send the piece via a prepaid label and you’ll either get 100% of the selling price via an online discount code or 70% of the sale price with cash.

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Shoe Brands with Resale Programs

Allbirds: Allbirds ReRun sells “slightly imperfect and gently used” pairs of their machine washable shoes, and the pair of flats I bought — for $70 vs. $100 new — looked like new. I’d never considered buying used shoes, but I made an exception for these and I’m very happy with what I got. You can trade in your Allbirds at three store locations right now (more are planned), and if the shoes are in “very good” condition, you’ll receive a $20 credit to use for purchases of $98 and up.

Frye: With the Frye Exchange, you can get store credit by selling your used Frye footwear and handbags (currently only 2016 and newer because of “technical restraints”…). You can set your own price and upload photos (the company will recommend a price), and once you send your item (with a prepaid label) and your item is accepted by the buyer, you’ll get 100% off the selling price.

As for non-workwear brands, check out Nike Refurbished, On (running shoes), Steve Madden, and Crocs (earn store credit through thredUP).

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Readers: Have you bought from or sold through clothing brands’ resale programs? Did you have a good experience? Do you have any advice to share on being a successful seller? (Also, would you buy pre-worn shoes, or is there too much of an ick factor for you?)

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