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Improving Relationship Communication: 3 Amazing Starting Points

Improving Relationship Communication: 3 Amazing Starting Points


The fact is that in relationships, conflict can occur in so many different ways, but while conflict can seem part and parcel on occasion, it’s about the notion of effective mediation and communication that can ensure it provides us with a solid foundation. Improving relationship communication covers so many different components, but here are a few methods to ensure that you can communicate properly. 

Determine if Your Partner’s Needs Are Being Met

Your partner might be communicating what the problem is, but you might not be listening! One of the biggest issues we can all have in relationships is that we wait for the other person to finish before we say our peace. It’s important to very, simply start listening, which is why counseling can be a godsend. 

A lot of people don’t like the idea of counseling because it is considered a warning that a relationship is failing. Instead, look at counseling as the cornerstone of a better way to communicate. Lots of relationships break down because of a lack of communication, but this is where counselors are invaluable, and, in fact, they can help with so many other aspects of the relationship it could be the thing that you both need. 

Understand the Six Human Needs

Humans have six basic human needs:

  • Certainty. 
  • Variety. 
  • Significance. 
  • Connection and love. 
  • Growth. 
  • Contribution. 

When you discover if your relationships fulfill your six basic human needs, rather than thinking this person is not for you or there are problems that you can’t bounce back from, now is the time to start communicating what you all need. The six needs are all dependent on our core values, but when we discover which needs matter most to the other person we can communicate in a way that fulfills them and, therefore, you. 

Stop Being Precious About Yourself

While people think that it’s best to fulfill their needs first and foremost, the best thing that partners can do is to focus on the other person. If both partners focus on the other person, this can create the foundation of a more giving relationship. In terms of communication, it’s about understanding the basic skills that you can fine-tune, which include listening and asking the right questions. It sounds so simple, but we all live in an age where we are constantly deprived. 

Sensory overload is all too common, and after a long day of working a job (or maybe two or three), we can feel our skills and communication fall by the wayside. If you can spend just a little bit of time ensuring the other person has their needs met, this doesn’t just make for healthy romantic relationships but it can make for healthy friendships, but when you start to recognize the people who are constantly taking from you, you’ve got to decide if they are really worth your while. 

These are just a few simple things to help you get started when it comes to communication. We all know the value of communication in relationships. Relationships, romantic or not, can all make a significant difference to our quality of life. Start to focus on communicating better and reap the benefits.


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